The little known sales tactic

We all fall for the same sales “promise land”. You hear how someone followed the NEW sales approach and signed 100 customers using a little known sales tactic and — of course — you want the same.

Don’t get me wrong though, sales tactics work or let me re-phrase: They used to work really well.

But sales tactics are overused and people are becoming allergic to them. Instead of focusing on building relationships that will grow your business, most business owners get super excited when they see stuff like this table below.

Because OBVIOUSLY, the silver bullet for growing your business is to pick the right day of the week for your calls.

Image for post

Even if you go down that route, you’ll run our of tactics after some point.

What happens when prospects don’t answer the phone on Wednesdays? No tactic lasts forever.

But why change something that has worked for so many people for so long? Because sooner or later, you (or your system) will start to fail, little by little. It happens to all businesses as the market changes and then you’re left with nothing.

That’s when I realized the insanity and changed my game.

Instead of building businesses and sales processes that are heavily based on “little known sales tactics”.

Instead of trying to find the best day to have calls.

Instead of tweaking emails to find the perfect sentence.

Instead of trying to use the ALPHA MALE sales attitude (people are not stupid!).

I now do something else. It’s something that is heavily based on human psychology.

It’s deeply rooted in never-changing elements like respect, relationship, and trust.

Because if I take the time understand you, and show you how I can deliver pure value to you.

If I show you that I really care, guess what! You will care back. And your customers will do the same.

Once you have understood that, you will put yourself and your business into a league of your own. It’s how you can massively impact your customers..Their lives, their businesses and move minds, hearts & wallets.

Speaking about wallets:

What’s your current success rate? Is it 1 out of 10 calls? Or maybe 2 out of 10 calls…? Or maybe you don’t know the number right now.

That’s what most businesses achieve. Signing with 1 or 2 out of 10 calls means that your prospect conversations are not persuading 8 or 9 out of 10 people that reach out.

80 or 90% of prospects are not interested to get your help. I think that’s bad.

And that is why I’m not OK with numbers like that. I aim for engagement. I aim for super responsive, hyper engaging and highly persuading people.

This post was inspired by Bastian at Wild Audience.

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