EP 6: The Value of Serendipity

  • Serendipity is the occurrence of positive events without planning those events.
  • It's a benefit or a positive outcome that came as a result random unstructured actions we took.
  • You don't go to a conference exclusively for signing that one contract for example.
  • You go to meet new people, explore what's new, see a new place, and 100 other reasons.
  • You can feel it when people are not open to serendipity, and when they are just trying to get business cards in a robotic way.
  • Think of a set of actions that will increase your openness to the world.
  • Build more connections and serendipitous outcomes will come.

I was reading an article by David Perell on serendipity and I wanted to share with you some key thoughts.

David is modern author that writes about how the world is changing, about creating routines and becoming more productive, about relationships and mental models, as well as several other concepts.

On his article about serendipity, he focuses on how anyone can maximize the benefits of serendipity by finding ways to trigger it.

But serendipity has many definitions depending on who you ask. I found one that fits with my understanding of the term:

"The occurrence of positive events without planning those events."

I know many of you are missing out on personal and professional development opportunities as you ignore the power of serendipity.

In this episode, I share some examples of things you can do to maximize the benefits that serendipity can generate for you.

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