Organizations Disrupting Learning and Education

As I'm exploring the world of education, I'm discovering the innovators in this space and I must admit, I'm impressed! Until recently, my core focus was tech and startups, since I had founded a tech startup and raised venture capital back in 2012.

These organizations are very different and most of them are not innovating through edtech. They are basically designing new learning experiences and education models.

They try to solve the problems of education by re-framing the approach most schools take today, changing the priorities and the roles of people inside schools, as well as the operational processes. Many of the following organizations also focus on developing content and curating existing content for helping teachers bring those innovations in the classroom.

So check them out! I will be updating this list frequently and every time I add more than 5 or 10 new organizations, I'll send it through the newsletter. Subscribe here by the way.

NE Basecamp logo

NE Basecamp

Bringing educators together around #personalizedlearning. We work w/ educators to implement PL w/ wisdom, strategies, & ongoing support.

Empatico logo


Empatico is a free tool for educators to #SparkEmpathy by connecting classrooms around the world. An incubation of The KIND Foundation (started by @kindsnacks ).

STEM Ecosystems logo

STEM Ecosystems

STEM Learning Ecosystems provide the architecture for cross-sector learning, offering all young people access to STEM-rich learning environments.



STEM Next is a national leader in increasing opportunities in STEM learning for youth across communities both in and out of school.

HundrED logo


Discover the world's most inspiring education innovations.

XQAmerica logo


We are a community rethinking high school education so all student succeeds. Make your voice heard at your local school board with "That's a #SchoolBoardThing"

Learning Heroes logo

Learning Heroes

We provide information, resources, and actions so you can be a learning hero, supporting your child's academic, social, and emotional learning.

Education Reimagined logo

Education Reimagined

Education Reimagined exists to accelerate the growth of a transformational, #learnercentered education movement.

School Retool

School Retool

Professional development that helps school leaders redesign school culture using small, scrappy experiments called “hacks” that lead to Deeper Learning.

Real World Scholars logo

Real World Scholars

We believe in learning ecosystems + connected educators + entrepreneurial learners + building tech to make it happen |#EdCorps | #EdSpace | #EdHarmony.

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