EP 9: The 5 Metrics You Should Monitor Daily

  • If you measure the wrong things, you'll feel that you're on the right path when actually you're not.
  • Nice to have, non mission-critical metrics are vanity metrics.
  • You need to focus on actionable metrics, not vanity metrics.
  • If you don't have people who can take a fresh look at the metrics you follow and give you an honest opinion, ask people from outside your organization.
  • The metrics need to trigger the right actions.
  • When the right metrics are changing, then you need to adapt.

In his book High Output Management, Andrew Grove, ex-CEO of Intel, asked: "Which five pieces of information would you want to look at each day, immediately upon arriving at your office?"

In this episode, I explore how to think about this, and I share one idea that could help you define your 5 things in a quick and very easy way.

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