Hi I’m Akis

This page is the most up to date list of what I’m working on and thinking about right now.


London, UK + Athens, Greece


Head of Revenue & Growth at B2B Wave, a B2B eCommerce SaaS for wholesalers.

Notable milestones prior to that: Co-led the growth of a bootstrapped school growth solution from 15 to 400 customers in 2 years (Enrollhand). Before that, I founded a B2B SaaS enabling hotels to generate real-time personalized offers using guest data and raised $480K for it (Offerial).

Things I’M Currently discovering

Mountain hiking
Wine regions worldwide

Best way to connect

For quick stuff, say hi on Twitter or Linkedin. I you prefer email: hello at this-domain.

Last Updated

Feb 23, 2021

This page inspired by Derek Sivers /now page and Tyler Tryngas (Earnest capital).