Hi I’m Akis

This page is the most up to date list of what I’m working on and thinking about right now.


London, UK + frequently in Athens, Greece. (I’m originally Greek)


Helping the B2B Wave founders on growth and revenue. B2B Wave is a seed-funded B2B eCommerce SaaS that supports hundreds of wholesalers.

Advising founders and startups on growth and revenue.

Notable milestones prior to that:

Co-led the growth of an online tutoring business called Brilliant Grades from zero to $4.5K MRR in a quarter. The team reached $80K MRR in the first year.

Co-led the growth of a bootstrapped school growth solution called Enrollhand from 15 to 400 customers in 2 years. The average contract value was $7K/year.

Founded a B2B SaaS called Offerial and raised $480K for it. Our product was enabling hotels to generate real-time personalized offers using guest data. It failed for many reasons. The two key ones were there following: 1) we were way too early – building AI into a SaaS solution in 2012 wasn’t as easy as it is today, and 2) we didn’t have any experience building B2B SaaS.

Things I’M Currently discovering

Mountain hiking
Wine regions worldwide

Best way to connect

For quick stuff, say hi on Twitter or Linkedin. I you prefer email: hello at this-domain.

Last Updated

Feb 23, 2021

This page inspired by Derek Sivers /now page and Tyler Tryngas (Earnest capital).